There were 2 raccoons in the forest. One day the female raccoon had a pregnancy. So they were very happy and looking forward to seeing their baby. Finally the baby was born. So the male raccoon was very happy. When he looked at the baby he froze.

“Oh my God!!….Unbelievable!!…I can’t say anything!!”

The baby wasn’t a raccoon. It looked like a cat! He said holding the baby:

“Are you cheating on me?”

She says “No!!”

He looked at her (his wife) carefully. She was a cat!

He was mistaken for a long time.

They made up and lived happily.


The raccoon is holding a kitten. Actually the kitten is the raccoon’s child. The name of the kitten is MacKay. The raccoon is Ruxton. In the past Ruxton married with Long. Long is a raccoon dog. Then a comet fell to Earth. Suddenly Ruxton felt discomfort from his stomach. Then their child was replaced with a kitten in the stomach. In the future the kitten and raccoon will suddenly change to human and be very nice guys. The two will be loved by many people. Long will not be able to change into human.