This quarter you will write a process essay about an engineering issue revolving around water; for example: wastewater treatment, desalination, irrigation, flood control, hydroelectric power, rising sea levels.

A process essay describes the steps (in sequence) that occur when something happens. It is useful to use transition words like: first, second, next, then, after that, finally … Read the texts on pages 114-5 for a model.

You need to tell me your topic and 4 online references by January 16. The references should be from scientific/engineering sources and written in proper scientific style. For examples of proper reference style see the following site:


The essay must be 400 words and is due on January 23. The references are worth 3 points (if given to me by January 16) and the text is worth 7 points. You will get 0 points if any section is directly copied from another source.