week 11 (June 27)

We did Hometown Presentations today. We did a quiz on the presentations.


Keep doing your weekly Listening Lab in the library.

week 10 (June 20)

We did timed writing and speaking fluency (a strange occurrence); textbook pages 47 – 52; presentation tips; and a mid-term survey.


Keep doing your TOEIC listening lab in the library;

Prepare your presentation (My Hometown) with at least 5 images. Make a PowerPoint presentation (on USB drive or your own computer) and print out your images as a backup. Presentations are next week.


week 9 (June 13)

We got started on our hometown presentations. These will be done in front of the class on June 27. You will need to memorize a short speech and show at least 10 graphics using PowerPoint or something similar. You can find tips on how to make presentations and slides on the   PRESENTATION   page.

We covered up to page 46 in the text.


Keep doing the Listening Lab practice in the library.

Prepare for your hometown presentation.

week 7 (May 23)

We did listening quiz #5 and pages 36 – 41 in the text.  And we did a writing test where you summarized  2  passages.

There is no class next week. There will be a test in 2 weeks covering units 1-3 of the textbook. Also, give me your Listening Lab notebooks before the exam.

week 6 (May 16)

Today we read each others final essays and handed them in. We did listening quiz #4 (Jeans). We talked about marketing and did pages 29-35 in the text.


Prepare for Listening Quiz 5    SUPER GLUE

Keep doing your weekly Language Lab in the library and keep track in your notebook.

week 5 (May 9)

Today we did Listening Quiz 3 (Space) and peer edited each other’s Engineering Structure essays. We covered pages 23-27 in the textbook.


Prepare for Listening Quiz 4 (Blue Jeans);

Write the final draft of your essay and give it (and today’s edited copy) to me next week;

Continue your weekly Listening Lab practice in the library and keep track in your notebook.


If you want 3 easy bonus points,  go to the GALLERY page and write a descriptive essay about 1 picture.

week 4 (May 2)

Today we did Quiz 2 (Sandwich), and the text up to page 23. I collected your engineering structure outline. If you didn’t give it to me in class today, email it by noon tomorrow.
If you missed your presentation, you can do it for me next week.

Homework for next class

Write a 300 word essay on an engineering structure and bring 2 typed copies to class.
Prepare for listening quiz 3 (What space does to your body)
Continue doing the TOEIC Language lab in the library.

week 3 (April 25)

Today we did Listening Quiz #1 (Band-aids), group presentations, and textbook pages 5-9..

Homework for next class:

Keep doing your weekly language lab in the library;

Prepare for listening quiz #2 (Sandwich);

Prepare an outline describing an engineering structure. Use the information on page 13 section #A of the text.  Tell me the name, dates built, address, cost, purpose, problems, appearance (as in the chart on page 13). Provide 5 references. Use the following template if you like:



week 2 (Apr 18)

Today we talked about the course syllabus and did pages 1-4 in the textbook.

Homework for next week:

Read the Listening Lab instructions here:    INSTRUCTIONS.     You need to go to the library, borrow a TOEIC book and practice 15 listening questions each week. Keep track in a notebook and give me the notebook before the final exam on June 6.

Go to the  LISTENING   page and watch the Band-Aids video several times. Turn on the subtitles if you want to read along.  There will be a 5 question quiz next week.

Prepare a 3 minute self-introduction. You can use a small card with key words (no sentences) so you must memorize your speech. We will do presentations in small groups next week.

Always read the textbook before each class and look up words you don’t know.


If you want 5 easy bonus marks (5% of your final grade) go to the  FLIPGRID  page and follow the instructions to download the app to your cell phone or computer. The password for my grid is mike. The code for the grid is 8bd981    Make a 20-30 second video about yourself and upload it to the grid. Only My students can see the videos. The download is free and easy to do but all the instructions are in English. The deadline is  MAY 1st.